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 5 1/2" h., Deep olive green with olive amber tone and yellow highlights, non-lead bottle glass, conical beaker shape, wider at the foot, sheared rim, open pontil; attributed to the Pitkin Glass Works, Manchester, CT, c.1784, possibly made at the Wistarberg Glass Works, Alloway, N.J., c.1738-1775, perfect condition, with seed bubbles and stones.


This glass was purchased out of the Samaha collection in the late 1980’a at Garths barn. It was sold with a matching creamer in the same color, character, and weight as the glass. The pieces were represented as early New England, specifically thought to be Pitkin. On plate 47, in McKearin’s American Glass, a Pitkin pattern molded glass in olive green, no.3, shows some resemblance to this drinking glass. Although this example features more of a flared rim and is not pattern molded, the overall composition, color, and metal, is the same. The bottom line is, this glass is a jewel for the bottle glass collector who has everything. Its natural crudity, a display of swirling striations, stones, and bubbles, will remind us of why we collect. It’s pure utilitarian art, direct and to the point, honest and simplistic. In regard to speculation as to where the glass was made, a Wistarberg attribution is tenable and should not be overlooked. This form is generic and was used from the Roman period through the 17th century, right into Colonial America; extremely rare is an understatement, enjoy!

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